Monday, May 30, 2016

Guard Cat

I take my job as guard cat very seriously. Dogs and other cats know better than to come into my yard. I Patrol the area at various times throughout the day and night. If a dog or other cat steps one paw into my yard, I immediately begin hissing and going after them. Usually my awful hissing sounds are enough to get them running, but if that doesn't work I run right up to them to chase them off. Size doesn't matter to me either. I chased a Doberman around my back yard a few times until I ran him off. If they still don't get the hint after hissing and chasing them, I will resort to violence. By violence I mean clawing and biting. Most dogs run away immediately. However a few have had to be swat in the face before they took me seriously. It's the other cats that refuse to leave. For some reason they insist on hanging around to fight.  As if they could bully me off my own land. Well, I refuse to be bullied, so if they insist on a fight, I let them have it. After all, I must defend my home.

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