Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bath

I had to go through a very traumatic experience today! My human mom and Dylan gave me what they called a bath! What in the world did I ever do to deserve that kind of torture?  I was just minding my own business outside rolling around in all kinds of stuff. When I came in they rubbed my back and kept talking about how dirty I was. Yeah, my hair was kind of gooey and sticking up on my back. Yeah, I did have sand all over me. But I really don't think I deserved the bath torture chamber over that! They cornered me and put me in this big tub of WATER! Don't they realize us cats do not like getting wet? I was so shocked at first I couldn't fight back. They held me in the water and started rubbing all this soapy stuff in my fur! They were mad at me for getting dirt in my fur, and then they go put water and other foamy stuff in it! That makes no sense! Finally I started trying to fight my way out, but I could hardly move! I tried so hard, but I was getting nowhere. Then they poured more water on me and picked me up and wrapped me in some sort of rough blanket. By then I was very ticked off and so humiliated. Then, on top of everything else, they left me alone locked in that room! I was so mad!!! I meowed my head off for awhile, but they kept telling me to dry myself off. What?!?! They are the ones who poured water all over me! Now they were demanding that I dry myself before they would let me out? How dare they! I showed them. I refused to lick myself completely dry. I just meowed and scratched at the door until they finally got tired of hearing it and let me out of that room. But it was a whole day before they let me outside again!

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