Jazzy's Confessions

I've been called "Bad Cat" many times.  But am I REALLY a bad cat?  Of course not!  Well...not ALL the time.  To ease my guilty conscience, these are my confessions:

  • The ceramic cat I "accidentally" broke...well, that was no accident.

  • Dylan, sometimes I play with your toys while you are away.

  • The four wheeler keys?  Well, I hid them in the bottom of your toy box one day.  That was payback for not cleaning the litter box enough. 

  • When you leave town for the weekend, I throw a big party and invite all my cat friends.

  • I threw the toilet paper roll in the toilet on purpose.  I wanted to see if it would float.

  • Sometimes I stand on the roof of the house and taunt all the dogs in the neighborhood.  Hey, it's payback for their endless yapping!

  • Sometimes I hide things in the house just to watch one of you freak out when you can't find it.

  • Your sink is full of fur because...well...I find it a very cool and comfortable place to rest.

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