Jasmine's Cat Etiquette

We cats have strict etiquette rules we must follow.  They have been passed down from generations.  Here are some of the rules:

1.  When a human opens a door to let you in or out, you must stand in the doorway and look back and forth for several minutes.  Never make a hasty decision about which way you want to go.  It's considered rude. 

2. Always sit on the lap of the person wearing the color that contrasts with your fur.  For example, if you have light fur, find the dark fabric.  If you have dark fur, find the light fabric.  It's considered polite to leave a reminder of yourself on the person's clothing.  This also applies to furniture (such as couches and beds) as well.

3. When you see a human reading a book, what they are really trying to communicate to you is that they want to look at the back of your head.  Make sure you get up in the lap of that person and place your head between their line of vision and the book, so that they will get the best view of your head.

4.  Sleeping at night is forbidden.  It's considered disgraceful.

5.  Never run to your bowl as soon as the food is poured in.  No matter how hungry you are, pretend you are uninterested in the food.  It's considered greedy and "too eager" if you show too much interest at first.  You don't want to end up with a bad reputation. 

6. Never allow doors in the house to stay closed.  It's considered bad luck.

More etiquette rules to come later...

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