Monday, May 23, 2016

Too Much Fun in Dylan's Room

I wonder if Dylan realizes how much I play in his room while he's at school. I especially love it when he forgets to clean his room. I get into his piles of toys and dig around making noises and rolling all over them. I paw at his piles of clothes too, then I take naps on them. 

I especially enjoy getting on his furniture and jumping from one to the other. Only one time when I jumped from his dresser to his TV, I accidentally knocked the entire dresser over and it came crashing into the TV almost knocking it off the table. That scared me to death so I "high tailed" it out of there and stayed away from that room for two days. When my human mom came home and discovered it, Dylan got into trouble for leaving the drawers open in his dresser. She thought that was why it fell over. I just stayed silent and let her continue thinking that!

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